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SpeedyCam Drivers

It's great to see that more and more people send in their own road movies and car pictures. All those submissions will be included in this area.

Please give a big round of applause to our drivers!

  • Joe Savelberg
    Joe is the guy behind this site. He runs SpeedyCam as his pet project in his spare time when he is not working on his other Internet ventures.

  • Frank Lehnert's Racing Photos
    Frank is a motorsport enthousiast from Germany. He was a passenger in many different touring cars and he's always hanging around at European race tracks to shoot great action photos. You can see some of his photos on this site. I met him for the first time at the Michelin Driving Experience.

  • Rex Racer's Corvette Movie
    Hailing from Detroit, Rex is an avid automotive enthusiast, a graduate of several racing programs, owner of a marketing company, freelance writer and photographer, and currently a creative director and officer of an international advertising agency. He claims to have a library of interesting car-related stuff, and could be prompted to create his own site if he sees interest from other enthusiasts. Until his own site is created, you can see his photos and movies on SpeedyCam. Thanks Rex for sending them in. It's some great stuff!

  • Kent Erickson's commute
    Watch Kent driving around Houston, Texas as he goes to work and back home again. If you are from Europe and would like to see the American highways, then please check out these movies! Thanks Kent for sending in these great shots.