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Rex Racer

Hailing from Detroit, Rex is an avid automotive enthusiast, a graduate of several racing programs, owner of a marketing company, freelance writer and photographer, and currently a creative director and officer of an international advertising agency. He claims to have a library of interesting car-related stuff, and could be prompted to create his own site if he sees interest from other enthusiasts. E-mail him at rex@speedycam.be.

Going Too Fast!

The video was shot while developing a story for Corvette Quarterly magazine, and the story appeared later in 1996. This video was shot in June, shortly after the United States repealed its national speed limit of 55 mph. Montana's speed law reverted to what was on the state books back in 1971, which was a nonnumeric "reasonable and prudent" limit for daylight hours. The whole point of this impromptu video was to document how fast we could go in this particular Corvette, and the unexpected things that come with that wonderful thing called speed.

Rex's Corvette Movie

June 1996
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A Corvette in Montana
Author:Rex Racer
Date:June 1996
Size:3.7 MB (160 x 120 pixels)
Comments:Corvette cruising at 150 mph as seen on the speedometer

150 pmh

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