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Rex Racer Racing a Corvette in Montana...

WIDTH=160WIDTH=160WIDTH=240>width="160" height="166" width="160" height="140" width="240" height="200" cache="TRUE" controller="True" autoplay="True" loop="false" kioskmode="true">A Corvette in Montana
Rex Racer
June 1996
Weather: dry

Corvette cruising at 150 mph as seen on the speedometer

Somwhere in Montana when reasonable & prudent ruled the road...

Don't try this yourself. You could die, or kill a cow, and they frown on that in Montana. If you kill a cow and aren't dead yourself, you have to buy it.

Driver - Rex Racer
Camera - Cool Cole
Car - 1996 Corvette
Max MPH - 150
Sorry, eh, the top was down...

other drivers...