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Michelin F1
Driving Experience

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In early April 2001, I watched a TV ad for Michelin F1. The French tyre manufacturer had its web address in that ad. So I decided to check out their web site.

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While visiting the site I saw that there was a new contest every couple of weeks. The next contest was starting the following Monday and the first person with the correct answers to the 5 Formula One questions would win a one day "Michelin Driving Experience".

I set my alarm clock to make sure that I could play the contest as early as possible. My contest entry was received by their site on Monday, 9th April at 05:33:33.

Although I had almost forgotten about the contest, I received a message from Michelin F1 on 25th April saying that I was the winner of the 4th round of the game. I was one of the 14 lucky winners to participate in the Michelin Driving Experience.

This driving event was usually reserved for dealers of Michelin tyres and other VIP's. It is a one-day event, during which, after being shown basic race driving techniques, the winner of the competition will have the opportunity to drive several different cars around a circuit, among which:

  • Renault Clio Trophy,
  • BMW M3,
  • Chrysler Viper GTS,
  • Formula 3
  • ... as well as a genuine F1!

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