iPod Road Trip
webcam in cars

iPod Road Trip Movie

Here is my first road movie converted to the iPod movie format. You can download the movie to your hard disk and transfer it to your iPod Video.

Adelaide to Talem Bend

File Size: 33 MB - Clip Length: 8 minutes

Click the image to download the movie... Once the movie has fully loaded, you can save it to your computer. Then you just have to drag it to your iTunes window and you're ready to sync the film to your iPod.

The movie was shot during a holiday in Australia. We drove all over Adelaide and more film clips are coming in the next couple of days.

I created the time lapse movies using a webcam mounted on the dashboard and connected to my PowerBook. Afterwards, the movies where imported into iMovie to create the iPod version with the H.264 codec.

It takes quite some time to convert the quicktime movies in iMovie as I have to import them, apply some effects and then export again. However most of the films will be converted by the end of the year. So please do come back often to get the latest videos for your iPod Video.

Have fun!