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Here are some links which might be interesting for you:

Computer & Web Cam Links

  • Apple PowerBook - the computer used to capture the road movies. We use a PowerBook G3/333 (bronze) and not the cool new Titanium PowerBook.

  • MacLine - these guys provide a first class customer service. They are our favorite online store for computer and technology products (webcams...). Fast & reliable! The way we like it!

  • iREZ - they created the cool iREZ Kritter SV and iREZ CapSureUSB devices which we currently use to film our road movies

  • MCE Technologies - for our Australian road movie shooting we needed a bigger hard drive and MCE delivered even though UPS didn't. Their 20 GB Xcarét Pro is our favorite movie storage device.

  • Logitech - in the past we used their QuickCam range to film the roads.

  • DraganFly III - should we ever decide to create time lapse aerial movies, then the DraganFly III (with an Eyecam) will be our aircraft of choice!

  • SunCam TV - I've just learned about a couple of webcam enthousiasts in Florida. They've also installed a webcam studio in their car and broadcast live as they are driving through Florida. Great site!

  • StickyPod - great accessories for mounting your webcam or camcorder inside/outside of your car. It's a very flexible mounting system at a great price!


  • The Pub Bütgenbach - the nicest and friendliest bar and Irish Pub in Eastbelgium.

  • Het Weer - check the local weather conditions.

  • Aachenbreed a search engine for horse power...

  • Eupen Cable - of course we needed a long cable to pull behind our car to get the video feed back to the office... ;-) Check out Eupen Cable for all kinds of cables.

  • LoveTest - this is one of our main sites... we work on it when we're not on the road to make more road movies.

  • EasyScopes - this is another large site of ours...

  • Rio Car - a very cool car audio system that plays MP3. We wish we had it in our car to take our music collection with us while making road movies... However SonicBlue decided that it is not worthwhile to continue the production of this device. Duh!

Automobile Related Links

  • Goggo.Net - lots of information about Goggomobil (do you even know this classic car?)

  • Garage Schauff - these guys prepared the car which was used to take the time-lapse movies.

  • Nissan Primera - information about the SpeedyCam car. Although the site features the newer model. In North America, the Primera is known as Nissan Altima.

  • Ford Ohn - the largest Ford dealership in East-Belgium. This is where my mother got her previous car (a Ford Fiesta).

  • Volvo Cars - the Volvo C70 Convertible made it onto our short list for the SpeedyCam car, however the roof takes a full 30 seconds to close... :-)

  • Holden Metro - large dealership for Holden and HSV in Adelaide (South Australia) - their web site seems to only work once in a while.

  • Heuten - all kind of parts for your classic car.

  • Automobile Portal - lots of information about cars, car manufacturers, driver's clubs, etc.

  • Tuning Box - for those people who'd like to get up to 25% more power out of their TDI, HDI or other turbo diesel without damaging their engines. It's always good to know there is more torque available to overtake safely.

  • Michelin - cars should be fitted with Michelin Tyres. This company made a great comeback in Formula One this year. Go to michelinf1.com and join their Driver's Club. You could win a one day driving experience (driving a Formula One car) like the webmaster of this site.

  • RAMCE - Royal Auto Motoclub Eupen - it's a local auto and moto club founded in 1926. They organize Rallyes and other motorsport events.

  • AVDG - the Car Club of the German Speaking Community in Belgium who organizes the annual soapbox derby and other classic car rallyes.

  • AMC St. Vith - Auto Moto Club - another large Belgian club of car enthusiasts.

  • Depannage E42 - just in case you should ever have a break down on the E42 highway, make sure you know the phone number of this towing company.

  • Car Central - cool web site with lots of car related information, links, photos,...

More links will be added in the coming weeks...