Following articles are currently available on this site:

  • WebCam Comparison
    This article describes the features and quality of various webcams. If you are looking to buy a webcam, please read this article first to see real-life applications and the advantages and drawbacks of each camera.
  • Time-Lapse Choices
    As you visit this site, you might wonder how we got the idea for it and what cars were used to film our movies.
  • Speed Cam photo
    Beware! Speed cams are everywhere! After 10 years of driving, I got caught by a speed trap (laser gun). Apparently I was driving too fast in a 50 zone but it’s hard to recognize the driver. Check out the official police photo.

Picture Gallery:

  • Ireland (May 23-26, 2002)
    There are images from Waterford, the Copper Coast cliffs and Kilkenny (among others) which where taken during a business trip in May 2002.
  • Spain (July 6-20, 2002)
    Here are my holiday pictures from Lloret de Mar and Barcelona. I went there with my best buddies who I still know from high school.
  • Alive Festival (July 26-28, 2002)
    This is the largest music festival (rock & electronic) in the German-speaking part of Belgium. Our family business is the Internet sponsor for this event. . Lots of great artists and bands played at this local festival including Sisters of Mercy, Die Toten Hosen, Fiddler’s Green, Junkie XL (Elvis vs JXL), 808 State DJ’s, Apocalyptica, Brings, Sub7even, Hyperchild, Semitones,…