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Here are some pictures of the cars which are used to take the "time-lapse road movies" featured on SpeedyCam.

I'm currently using a different car to film the SpeedyCam Road Movies. Check out the pictures of the new Volvo S60.

Right now there are only pictures of the Nissan Primera 2.0 TD Cosmic Edition, however more pictures will be added as we start receiving contributions from other people

Here are some pictures of the Primera before it was fitted with 16" ASA wheels (licensed by BBS), tinted rear windows and Remus sports exhaust system.

Accidents could happen faster than you like. On July 8th, 2000 we had an accident with the Primera on the Belgian E42 highway near the race track of Spa Francorchamps. The accident was due to aquaplaning when I wanted to change from the left lane to the right lane. Damage was approximately for $7500 although it didn't look so bad at first. Nobody was hurt during the accident.

This year is the strongest winter since the late 80's. We've got so much snow that it becomes very difficult to drive. Check out the photos and movies...

My first car was a Nissan Sunny GTi 1.6 Twin Cam 16 Valves. There are still some low quality pictures available of that car. Check them out:

Read all about the one day Michelin Driving Xperience at Valencia, Spain on October 10th, 2001

During my visit to South Australia in March and April 2002, I had the pleasure to drive in various (high-performance) cars. I also took the opportunity to visit the local Holden dealership to view the latest models of Holden and HSV which are not available here in Europe.

Beware! Speed cams are everywhere! After 10 years of driving, I got caught by a speed trap (laser gun). Apparently I was driving too fast in a 50 zone but it's hard to recognize the driver. Check out the official police photo.

Here are some pictures of my brother's Ford Focus TDCi with RS Kit. The car is for sale. For more information, please send me a message.

Roads can become very dangerous in fall when the sun stands low on the horizon and there are lots of leafs on the road. In early October 2002, we had an accident in our Volvo 850. Luckily it was a very solid and sturdy car and we were not driving faster than our guardian angels could fly.

Here are lots of pictures which were taken at the IAA 2003 (Frankfurt, Germany)