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Michelin Driving Experience

A special "morbid" welcome to visitors getting here from the DeadBodyGuy site... Stay cool! ;-)

SpeedyCam broadcasts time-lapse movies of local roads using webcams. No matter what's the weather like, we travel around the country and Europe shooting our movies.

To view the movies, you need the free QuickTime or Windows Media Player programs. To record the movies, we just needed a "sports car", a webcam and some free time.

Currently we're shooting more video footage of local roads but we plan to travel around Europe, especially the German autobahn to get more high speed film material... :-)

Please check the recent movies page to see the newest webcam files. The car pictures pages show photos of sports cars.

If you are also a car maniac and spend a lot of time on the road, you can send us your own auto films for posting on this site. It's your chance to show the world your favorite roads.

Please check our links for interesting sites about travelling, autos, music, humor and advice. We really like the car audio system which can play your whole mp3 collection.

Chrysler Viper GTS
Arrows F1 A18

Recently, we participated in a one day racing event sponsored by Michelin F1 Tyres. All 14 winners of Michelin's online contest were flown to Valencia, Spain to drive around the race track in various racing cars such as a Renault Clio Trophy, Formula 3, Chrysler Viper GTS and a genuine Arrows Formula One car. It was a day filled with excitement and high levels of adrenalin. Read all about it...

Now it's time for the road show. We hope you like this free Internet entertainment. Have fun!

Enter the "drive-around" cinema :-)

Adelaide - Talem Bend (30th March 2002) Wirtzfeld - Bütgenbach (22nd December 2001) Houston, Texas Eupen (5th July, 2001) Wirtzfeld (B) - Düsseldorf (D) - October 22nd, 2001 Liege - Wirtzfeld (19th June, 2001)