SpeedyCam – New Design

In recent years, SpeedyCam.be has lost some of its appeal as social web sites for video and photo sharing became more popular. We’re now working on a new design and new features for our site to give you the latest time-lapse videos in an appealing package.

The look of SpeedyCam.be has changed dramatically in recent days. We’ve updated the layout and made sure that our pages are easier on your eyes. White text on a dark background used to be popular early in the century. Now we’re going back to the mainstream black on white text as it’s easier to read.

Here are some screen shots of the old site and the new layout:

old design new design

The navigation of the site was simplified and the most interesting content is immediately accessible through the navigation links at the top.

Old features, like the guestbook, were removed as they are not used any more — except for spam robots. You can still get in touch with us using the feedback form.

We hope that you like the new design of our site.

Have fun!